Men Jailed for 8 Months for Killing 20 Orangutans

images/stories/breakingnews/Orangutan-Resuce-Image.jpg Tenggarong, East Kalimantan. Four men were sentenced to eight months in prison on Wednesday for slaughtering protected orangutans on an East Kalimantan palm oil plantation. The sentences are likely to anger environmental and animal rights groups, which had demanded that the defendants receive the maximum penalty...

Orangutan rescued in Tripa as palm oil plantations close in

images/stories/breakingnews/Orangutan-Resuce-Image.jpg Written by Orangutan Conservancy Today an orangutan rescue team from the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP), Yayasan Ekosistem Lestari (YEL) and BKSDA Aceh (the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry’s nature conservation agency in Aceh) successfully rescued a large adult male orangutan trapped in a small pocket of...

Two held in killing of wild elephant in Phetchaburi; ivory buyer sought

Police say pair confess to killing beast after being approached by Karen man

Phetchaburi police have asked the provincial court for permission to detain without bail two suspects accused of killing an elephant in Kaeng Krachan National Park while they search for the person who hired them and the intended buyer of the elephant’s ivory and other parts.

After a 9am press conference at police headquarters, suspected wild-elephant poachers Lukkaew Chan-upatham, 28, and Chan Kuanphu, 28, were taken for interrogation at Phetchaburi Police Office at 11am.

Majority of protected tropical forests “empty” due to hunting


Hunter in the Colombian rainforest. Photo by: Rhett A. Butler. 

Protected areas in the world’s tropical rainforests are absolutely essential, but one cannot simply set up a new refuge and believe the work is done, according to a new paper in Bioscience. Unsustainable hunting and poaching is decimating tropical forest species in the Amazon, the Congo, Southeast Asia, and Oceana, leaving behind “empty forests,” places largely devoid of any mammal, bird, or reptile over a few pounds. The loss of such species impacts the whole ecosystems, as plants lose seed dispersers and the food chain is unraveled.

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