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Education, capacity and transparency are keys to conservation success. A sustainable wildlife resource base is vital to ensure biodiversity, human health and food security.

The Global Situation

Earth was until very recently covered largely in ancient forests rich with an incredible diversity of species. People enjoyed oceans, rivers and wetlands full of fish and forests teaming with a seemingly endless amount of natural resources that were an intergral part of culture and society. Now as we enter the the 21st century, the world faces an unprecedented human challenge. The loss of species due largely to a massive global trade is now seriously threatening the viability of ecosystems. The same ecosystems our lives depend on.

The business of selling wildlife is now so rampant and the volumes involved so large there is a real and imminent threat that if it is not stopped or significantly reduced very soon we will lose the biodiversity that is essential for earth to function effectively. There is much at stake. Attitudes must change if the human enterprise is to proceed. The choice is ours.

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