Tiger parts seized at address in outer Bangkok.

Officials today seized the freshly butchered bodies of several tigers and arrested 5 people in a house at 64/5 Soi Payasuren 12, Bang Chan, Klong Samwa.

The tigers were being prepared to be stuffed when concerned locals reported bags of suspicious looking meat and a tiger head in plastic bags at the address.

It has not yet been determined if the tigers were wild caught or from domestic populations in Thailand or neighbouring Laos, Malaysia or Myanmar.


This case comes not long after tiger parts were seized in Bangkok while in postal transit last month. Tiger trade unfortunately still thrives in Thailand despite current efforts and as in most cases the people arrested are just the lower links of a trade network where the real criminals that direct and control the trade remain untouched.


Photos courtesy of Khaosod. Copyright Matichon 2012

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