Poachers suspected of killing elephants

Ivory poachers have apparently slaughtered at least one elephant from Phetchaburi’s Kaeng Krajan National Park.

After a 3pm report of the discovery of a carcass in tambon Pateng, police, park officials and villagers rushed to the scene near the Krarang 3 Reservoir and found an elephant burned on a pyre of rubber tyres.

Officials suspect the hunters took the tusks and then tried to conceal the crime.

Another jumbo was found a kilometre away with wounds suggesting its tusks had also been sawn off.

Ched Daengburi, the headman of Ban Pateng village, said he had been told by villagers that three more members of the same herd had been killed, but officials and villagers could not search the area further for safety reasons. It was getting dark and there were many wild elephants around. The search is to continue today.

He said local people were not responsible for killing the elephants

Photo: Khaosod News Thailand
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