Conservationists discover tigers in Thailand’s WEFCOM

The Zoological Society of London   2 June 2015 The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) has, for the first time, captured photographs of tigers in the southern region of Thailand’s Western Forest Conservation Complex (WEFCOM) using camera traps. Until now, there has been no formal record of tigers in the southern Protected Areas of WEFCOM, […]

Laos’ special economic zone a black hole for illegal wildlife trade

The Kings Roman casino complex in Laos’ Special Economic Zone in Boten province has been operating for over 5 years since it was approved by the Lao government in 2007. There has been many reports and investigations made and submitted to various conservation organisations and enforcenment agencies into its illegal wildlife trade. Laos is also […]


BANGKOK. The future for dwindling populations of tigers and elephants in Southeast Asia looks brighter today following the launch of a special training operation for forest protection staff. The exercise, conducted in Thailand’s Khao Yai National Park, was designed to help forest protection staff reduce poaching of wildlife, and destruction of their habitats.  The training […]

Jail Time for Cell Phone Tiger Poachers

images/stories/breakingnews/hmong.jpg A Major Turning Point in Asia’s War Against Poaching: Jail Time For Thailand’s “Cell Phone” Tiger Poachers Two poachers get up to five years in prison – most severe sentences for poaching ever given out in Thailand WCS helped apprehend poachers last summer after a cell phone with images of dead tiger is found […]